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~ raise your vibration ~

The energies surrounding the physical body can be influenced by our everyday life…
Reiki and Aura-Soma are techniques that help you raise your energetic vibration.

​My intent is to give you the opportunity to experience personal wholeness: mind, body and spirit as one so you can find your own way to heal patterns from the past, release blockages and move forward in life in a fulfilled way..

​Love and Light


Usui Reiki (Master Level)

Reiki is a very specific way of channelling the Ki energy (vital flowing life force). It is a natural healing method, that allows you to see with greater clarity. It is a very effective system for stress-release, balancing your chakras and maintaining good health on all levels (mental, emotional, physical – allowing blocks to be released). Reiki works in a gentle way, but it is really powerful, full of light and love.

I am extremely happy to share this magic with you.


30€ (1 session 1hour)

It is possible to arrange multiple session

If the session is based on specific blockage that needs to be released, a discount may be applied


Faery Reiki

[…] May Water wash away your sadness and frustration..

May Air blow away the cobwebs from your mind..

May Fire burn away that which no longer serves you..

May Earth bring you strength and focus to manifest your dreams..

May the Light of Spirit bring you joy and peace […]

Connecting with the Faery Realm and the Four Elements.

Deep work on subtle bodies.


25€ (1 session 40 minutes)


Aura Soma - Consultation

You are the colour you choose and these reflect your being’s needs” Vicky Wall 

During a bespoke one-to-one consultation, you’ll be guided through your intuition-led self-selection process that will determine which Equilibrium bottle will assist you best at your deepest level.

“Your body knows on an instinctual level what it requires to thrive”

During your consultation you’ll select four dual-coloured bottles that you feel most drawn to. By this we mean the ones that you can’t resist, cannot look past, the ones that are almost dancing off the shelf with pure brilliance. During a consultation I will encourage you to really tune into this way of selection before discussing with you what each bottle in their given position might represent.

I will encourage you to listen in and feel what you need. You may need support in all four areas and therefore will benefit from all four bottles, or you may just need support with the first and second bottles you chose.

You’ll activate the vibrational energy of the ingredients by shaking your chosen bottle and applying it to your body morning and night.

Harnessing these vibrational powers of Mother Nature, this system of colour, plant and crystal energies brings you closer to self-understanding as your Equilibrium connects you to a more conscious way of being.​


75€ (1 session 45 minutes)

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"Peace comes from within.. do not seek it without"



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